The Agora

is the central design idea for this new building.

Around the Agora

a flexible zone with different functions is established, by placing the classrooms and staff rooms around the perimeter of the building.

The Agora floor

climbs towards the first floor by means of terraces, which creates a special learning and recess landscape that can also be used as a public gallery during performances and presentations.

The stage

at the end of this gallery is extended to the exterior area. The only division between these areas is a large theater window with a view on the green space outside.

The Media Library

can be found above the stage, a beautiful high study room.

On the outside

the Media Library, along with the outside stage, creates a characteristic image aimed at the street.

The gymnasiums

can be found on the first floor. In these rooms, large windows provide a view over the sports grounds.

The bicycle storage

is situated underneath the gymnasiums.

Maarten de Veth, principal

“The architects have made this design with their heads, their guts and their hearts, creating a design that fits the atmosphere and touches you deeply.”

The Augustinianum is known in Eindhoven as a ‘school for smart students’. The ambition of the school is to not just distinguish themselves through thorough education, but also through incorporating sports, drama and pop music in their programme. A school that shows what it stands for and adds substance to its curriculum.

The Agora, literally ‘gathering place’, was a meeting point and a trade location in many cities in ancient Greece. In the Augustinianum, the Agora serves as a symbol for encounters, located in the heart of the school. Around this area, the ‘expertise areas’, aimed at linguistic science, exact science and social science are each located on different floors.

The Agora and the stage are a beloved recess area. When the weather allows it, the green spaces around the school also provide plenty of recess opportunities.

Under the rising gallery of the Agora, the ‘underground’ can be found at ground level. This space consists of rooms for drama, music, arts and cultural activities.


Project Name: Augustinianum

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Augustinianum / Stichting Carmel College

Program: Secondary School (Havo-Vwo)

Design: January 2011

Completion: July 2017

Floor Area: 9330 m²

Co-architect: Studio Leon Thier

Interior architect: De Kliuw – Interieuradviezen

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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