Beatrix College

The school complex

is characterized by its phased construction. In various stages, starting from the mid-nineties, self-functioning school buildings with their own auditoriums and outdoor areas have been established.

These buildings are

part of a larger campus and are connected to each other by a walking route on the first floor.

All the buildings

are constructed with a neutral classroom block and a special auditorium that expresses its zeitgeist in both function and form.

Building D

is the most recent addition to this complex. The building is physically connected to the rest of the complex by means of a special, light and tall room, known as the atrium.

This atrium

serves as an auditorium with an entrance, workspaces, a teacher’s balcony and a traffic room. In that sense, it suits the Beatrix tradition of remarkable auditoriums perfectly. The leveled construction offers a lot of contact and a clear overview.

The natural appearance

and the large amounts of natural light give this room a peaceful character.

The remaining rooms, such as the classrooms, practice rooms, staffrooms and support areas, are located in a more closed classroom volume, that has been designed in a functional and economical manner.


are alternated with squares, which in turn are located along the entrances to the classrooms and sanitary facilities. These dynamic traffic areas are designed as explosions of color: an expressive color accent for each floor.

The route

from the atrium to the classroom will become an exhilarating experience, which is a welcome diversion in between courses.


Project Name: Beatrix College

Location: Tilburg – Holland

Client: Stichting Openbaar Voortgezet Onderwijs Tilburg

Program: Secondary School (Vmbo-T, Havo, Vwo)

Design: 1994 (building A)

Completion: 2013 (building D)

Floor Area Building A: 3000 m²
Floor Area Building B: 5125 m²
Floor Area Building C: 4750 m² 
Floor Area Building D: 2300 m² 

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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