Klokgebouw - Budget Hotel

National monument

Het Klokgebouw is one of the characteristic factory buildings at the Strijp-S industrial site that have been repurposed as a result of reorganizations at Philips

The industrial atmosphere

of the building is incorporated in the accomodated hotel

A gorgeous panoramic room

for breakfast with a magnificent view of Eindhoven, is located on the top floor.

The hotel

itself facilitates a large demand for affordable short stay facilities by realizing multiple shared rooms and dormitories.

The target group for this project consists of concertgoers, musicians, artists, youths and travel groups. In addition, the Café Hall on the ground level provides space for organizing various theme-based activities.


Project Name: Klokgebouw Eindhoven – Budget Hotel

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Trudo Monumenten

Program: Hotel

Floor Area: 3100 m²

Design: March 2013

Completion: October 2014

Co-architect: Bureau Jochem Heijmans

Interior architect: Bart & Sis van den Dijssel

Photocredit: BASE Photography


Klokgebouw – Muziekvleugel
Klokgebouw – Deerns
Klokgebouw – Design incubator

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