Artists invented the first pigments—a combination of soil, animal fat, burnt charcoal, and chalk—as early as 40,000 years ago

creating a basic palette of five colors: red, yellow, brown, black, and white.

Colour is like pepper and salt; use it with great care and knowledge

Colour |en|en-style

A foundation of neutral colours

the addition of preferably 1 single colour



In 1927 the German Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung (Imperial Commission for Delivery Terms and Quality Assurance) invented a collection of forty colours under the name of “RAL 840”.

Prior to that date manufacturers and customers had to exchange samples to describe a tint, whereas from then on they would rely on numbers.

RAL 2000

this code for Yellow Orange has become a trademark of many |en|en projects

the basic colour of the |en|en HQ

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