Community School Acht

A cooperation

of elementary school St. Antonius Abt and the childcare / day care facilities resulted in the new Community School Acht. In order to realize this project, it was necessary to expand the existing structure by adding a preschool room and a new building for childcare.

A walkway

is applied to literally connect these two institutions. The presence of this walkway guarantees that children can safely walk from the school to the day care facilities and vice versa.

The existing school has been designed in the seventies and looks that way: it is small-scale, features a lot of brickwork and has a rural appearance. The realized design responds to this design. On the one hand, the childcare facilities on the Rijnstraat fit this context really well, on the other hand, the preschool is seamlessly integrated into the school. The overall composition consists of the same materials and visual elements, which is why the result is a harmonious ensemble; traditional masonry with a contemporary appearance.

The new buildings are aimed at the market of the old village of Acht, which also contains the rectory, the church and the village hall. As a result, the Community School will have a central location within the village.


Project Name: Community School Acht

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: SKPO / Dikkie en Dik

Program: Primary School, Childcare

Design: 2009

Completion: May 2015

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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