Community School and residences De Barrier

Following a vision presentation

architecten|en|en was selected to realize the plan regarding school building ‘de opbouw’, a municipal monument. The basic principle of this vision was to expand the current school building, a municipal monument that serves as the axis of the De Barrier district. The housing development and neighborhood functions have been placed symmetrically around this monument, enhancing the existing urban structure.

On the existing playground

the new buildings of the community school are located. The buildings will be connected on the place where the stairwell is currently located. This allows for minimal impairment to the monument.

The current stairwell

will be expanded to the central traffic area of both the existing and the new buildings. The classrooms will be organized around a central room. New squares will be created on both sides of the new buildings.

A chain of squares

is situated around the community school. These semi-public spaces will be used by the schools and residences. The Pieter Poststraat will be restructured in order to give it the character of an avenue and traffic will be regulated in a safe manner.


for the De Barrier district is the distinctive and often beautiful boundaries in the shape of mortared garden walls and foot walls. We would like to follow this tradition in the design of the boundaries around the school squares.


Project Name: Community School and residences De Barrier

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Salto Schoolbestuur / Gemeente Eindhoven / Woonbedrijf

Floor Area: 3165 m²

Program: Primary school, childcare, sports facility, 24 houses, 12 appartments

Design: November 2005

Completion: 2012

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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