Cure Office & Waste Recycling Point

A building with a heart

The recycling facility

has the capacity to receive approximately 80,000 visitors a year and is being executed with a raised platform on which containers will be placed for sorting and disposing of bulky household waste. Additional large bins allow for other waste components to be tipped and cleared.

The office space

hovers impressively above the entrance area and the parking facility for refuse lorries, bikes and scooters; a shining glass box atop a concrete foundation. The façade consists of a glass ‘voile’ in the form of a second skin façade that shelters the offices from environmental factors.


the common area will represent the nucleus of the building. It has a ‘living room’ feel about it and is used by all at the organisation, offering a centralised location in which to meet and collaborate.

The common area

links the entrance and the changing rooms for the field staff on the ground floor with the office environment on the floors above. The new office building emanates an open structure.

Energy neutral

Cure strives to set an example in the sustainable build arena and the new office building will be energy neutral. Full use will be made of reclaimed and sustainable materials in the build. The result: a building with heart and respect for both man and the environment!


Project Name: Cure Office & Waste Recycling Point

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Cure Afvalbeheer

Program: Waste Recycling Point Eindhoven & Office Waste Recycling Management

Design: 2018

Completion: 2020

Floor area: 1470 m²

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