The hanging gardens of Schijndel

A vintage jacket with a new lining.

The new lining

In keeping with the desire to be greener and less petrified, the interior patio features lush foliage inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon. Here, a wide staircase leads to a new passage to the market as an informal place to stay. This green oasis continues into a pocket park surrounding the old town hall.

Strength of the current building

The transformation of the former town hall of Schijndel gives the center a new impulse. By using the strength of the current skin, the Bossche School style is being appreciated. Within this shell, 16 apartments are being realized that open up to a future passage.


Project Name: De hangende tuinen van Schijndel

Location: Schijndel – Holland

Development: OKKO Project

Program: 16 appartments

Design: 2020

Completion: 2022

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