Hogeschool de Kempel


one specific area of professional education: elementary school teacher training. The school is located in a wooded area in the eastern part of Helmond.

A significant part of the existing buildings

had become severely outdated, which is why the decision was reached to construct new buildings whilst upholding a number of existing parts. By bringing the new buildings together with the existing buildings in one solid ensemble, the natural surroundings can reach the building on all sides.

The new buildings have been built

away from the existing buildings in a way that allows the conception of an outdoor area within the premises of the school. This area has been designed as a pond, which further enhances the spaciousness of the area. The new buildings are connected to the existing buildings by means of two walkways across the pond.

The new entrance of the school building

has been built along the patio of the new buildings. This patio will be continued within the building on the first and second floors by means of a glass-roofed room, around which all the rooms and offices have been organized.

The large room underneath

the glass roof on the first floor has been designed as a learning square, which can be utilized in different ways due to the presence of movable cabinets. On the ground level, the rooms have been grouped around a large central auditorium.

A lunch corner

with a large outdoor terrace in the pond has been placed in a somewhat secluded area.

By linking large rooms

(patio, auditorium, pond, learning square), a lively and transparent ensemble has been established.


Project Name: Hogeschool de Kempel

Location: Helmond – Holland

Client: Hogeschool de Kempel

Floor Area: 3810 m²

Design: 2004

Completion: 2006

Photocredit: Arthur Bagen

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