De Kleine Akker

Hidden gem of green

Ancient green

in the neighbouring gardens of the Kerkakkerstraat, the scouting and the rectory of the Sint-Trudo church give De Kleine Akker its intimate, green identity. The plot breathes the air of a peaceful oasis on the backdrop of the monumental trees of the rectory garden, creating a green gem amid the fuss of the city.

An eye for the hidden quality

of the surrounding area is what defines this project. The infill of the fringe becomes an enrichment for the city as it unlocks and accents its hidden qualities. The project embraces the green character of the adjacent plots, in this way turning the challenge into the strength of the design. The project enhances in tandem with its surroundings, not being limited by it.

Back becomes front

in an intimate lively street revealing prior hidden qualities. The court is private but not isolated. Within, the carefully designed public and private spaces are connected by street-side patio doors. Encouraging social life on the streets while serving the courtyard as a space for encounter between neighbours. The choice for active building frontages is inspired by London’s Mews. The result is a green and friendly setting with its own intimate atmosphere and community. Free, cosy and comfortable.

The focus on green

is reflected in the plans of the apartments. On the ground level, dwelling is situated bordering the private green of the garden. The upstairs apartments are focused on the rich foliage of the nearby trees. The orientation of the plans is inverted. Here, dwelling is orientated towards the adjacent green courtyard. In this way, the layout enhances the experience of green.

Respect for privacy

requires special attention when living in close quarters. Pointed out by the locals as a requirement for a liveable neighbourhood. An intensive participation process resulted in specific design-solutions offering new inhabitants and neighbours their personal space. Sightlines and the framing of the views are well-thought-out. High windows on the backside avoid peeking in the adjacent gardens behind, instead aiming at the sky and green treetops. Integrated vertical blinds, arranged strategically, ensure privacy and complement the overall design.

Small but lovely

is what characterizes the intimate courtyard. The project houses nine patio residences and five upstairs apartments. Each of them unique and with an eye for detail. Thoughtful use of high-end materials polishes the area’s appearance. Rounded corners make the facades more charming and give the building a soft allure. The subtle colouring of the applied materials redirects the attention towards the green. Elegant as well as modest.


Project Name: De Kleine Akker

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: PM + Van Abbe BV

Program: 14 apartments

Floor Area: 1130m2

Design: 2019

Completion:  2021

Engineer & Build team: Van Schijndel Bouwgroep | Van Bilsen Bouwadvies

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