De Kleine Vuurvlinder

In Luchen

on the green outskirts of the village of Mierlo, North Brabant, there are six houses with a remarkable design and materialization. The rural surroundings demand a development that suits the local scale and construction characteristics; residential units with covers and ‘warm’ materials and colors.

The ensemble

has been designed as three semi-detached houses that are separated by individual back yards. The combination of the design of the blocks, the way they are placed next to each other and the shapes of the roofs create a powerful ensemble. The large tiled roofs and the wooden façades give the houses a rugged appearance.

The broad deep plots

allow for a luxury design with extra space underneath the pitched roofs.

The staircase

is located at the core of the house and equipped with a large dormer at the top of the stairs, which allows daylight to enter each part of the house.


The main materials are bricks and wood, combined with expressively shaped roofs and thought-out detailing. We call it “timelessly rural”. The materials age attractively; bricks, ceramic roof tiles and wooden façade components. The pitched roof of the large dormer is covered with solar panels, which allows these durable elements to be carefully implemented into the ensemble.


Project Name: De Kleine Vuurvlinder

Location: Geldrop-Mierlo  Holland

Client: Adriaans Bouwgroep B.V.

Program: 6 semi-detached houses

Design: 2016

Completion: 2018

Photocredit: Studio Teun

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