De Krant

A newsworthy building

The former premises of printer Drukkerij Hermes (1934) is a design by the Eindhoven architect Cees de Bever (1897-1965). It is evident from the design that the architect was inspired by his contemporary, Dudok.

The closed façade

on this prominent building, situated on the Kleine Berg, gives it a castle-like appearance. Yet inside, the building is surprisingly spacious and light.

With minimal intervention and respect for the building, we transformed the monument into presentable shared premises for multiple companies. During the transformation, we retained monumental elements such as the prominent staircase, restoring them where necessary. The stairs historically represented the link between the public that came to buy a newspaper, the editorial department on the first floor and the printing presses on the second floor. Now, it forms the connection between the various firms. In order to render the monument suitable for the demands of the modern age, a number of interventions were carried out in the existing building. In any case, these were neutral in character and entirely in-keeping with the building and its function.


The result: this building of significance to the city of Eindhoven, has been transformed into a modern and functioning monument, where history was written and the future shall be shaped.


Project Name: De Krant

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Joost Geerts

Program: Commercial Space

Floor Area: 1460 m²

Design: 2011

Completion: 2012

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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