De Plataan

The building

accommodates ten studios of various sizes.

The studios

will be completed as building shells, allowing artists to furnish them at their discretion.

A separate studio

apartment is also part of the building. The resident of this apartment also acts as the concierge of the facility.

The warmth

of the sun during summers and autumns will be used through roof lights, while blinds keep the sunlight out.

In January 2009, studio building De Plataan at the Ramelestraat in Deventer burnt down to the ground. A new building could be established at the exact same location using the money that the insurance company paid out.

Durability has been applied in order to drive down the energy costs; the building makes optimum use of passive energy. A compact set-up has been realized in this building by providing all the walls and roofs with high-grade insulation packages. In addition, the building has been accommodated with underfloor heating and cooling by means of a heat pump and cold and heat storage in the ground, while every studio has been equipped with balanced ventilation with heat recovery.

The sawtooth roof gives the building the impression of being a small factory unit. The walls have been cemented grey and the shutters are also grey in color when opened. However, the exterior of each shutter is brightly colored. When the artists are working, the studios are radiant, but when everyone has left the building and the shutters are closed, the colors make the building radiate.


Project Name: Studio building De Plataan

Location: Deventer – Holland

Client: Gemeente Deventer

Program: 10 art studios & 1 apartment

Design: January 2011

Completion: July 2012

Floor Area: 904 m²

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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