Klokgebouw - Deerns

The monumental character

of the building has been made visible again. The main construction of the floors and outer walls has been largely upheld. The partition walls and ceilings that have clogged the building through the years have been removed.

By the intermediate floor

that has been installed later, the floor area has been expanded.

The technical building systems

have been selected carefully, without impairing the desired image and the desire of a futureproof system.

National monument Het Klokgebouw is one of the characteristic factory buildings at the Strijp-S industrial site that have been repurposed as a result of reorganizations at Philips. As a part of the multifunctional reallocation of Het Klokgebouw, the Eindhoven branch of installation company Deerns has been accommodated there. The purpose of this project was to accommodate this commercial building whilst retaining the industrial atmosphere of the building. This has been realized by remediating the existing building and only dividing it into office lots if it was inevitable.


At the place where the walkway that connected the building with the surrounding buildings once was, a loggia has been installed. Characteristic elements, such as the lift installation and the steel doors of the stairwells, shafts and the elevator shafts have been upheld. In the production hall, an entrance portal serves as the necessary fire barrier.


On the ground level, a floating screed has been installed. This construction transfers the temperature from the central cold and heat storage to the room. The floor has been covered with industrial synthetic resin flooring. Pleasant acoustics have been realized by placing absorbent ceiling islands between the floor beams and mounting absorbent panels on some of the walls. For energetic reasons, lighting is provided by basic illumination with local workplace lighting.


Project Name: Klokgebouw Eindhoven – Deerns

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Trudo Monumenten / Deerns Raadgevende Ingenieurs Eindhoven

Program: Office

Floor Area: 1050 m²

Design: April 2008

Completion: February 2009

Photocredit: Arthur Bagen


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