Klokgebouw - Design incubator

An open workplace

is the first thing everyone – including non-visitors – sees upon arrival on this floor


The linear corridor

will function as formal access to the entire floor and will lead directly to the living room.

The visitor can decide

which route is most suitable for his or her upcoming visit.

Its meandering counterpart

is an informal ‘route architecturale’ that will lead the visitor across a diverse selection of general rooms and facilities.

The Founded By All Arena

you will enter once inside.

National monument Het Klokgebouw is one of the characteristic factory buildings at the Strijp-S industrial site that have been repurposed as a result of reorganizations at Philips. This project is intended to accommodate open workspaces for independent entrepreneurs and private offices for enterprises with multiple employees. Among these spaces, one can find showrooms, conference rooms, presentation rooms, a workstation, a workshop room, a kitchen and a living room. The spatial planning of this project has been based on a combined route system, consisting of a linear corridor and a meandering ‘route architecturale’.

A special feature is the sloping landscape that has been created in order to enhance the experience of this dynamic ensemble and that has made the original structure of the building noticeable through various perceptions.

The entire ensemble is being completed by a multifunctional workplace with a workshop and conference room. Once inside the bar with living room on the upper stories, you will have a view of the city center of Eindhoven.


Project Name: Klokgebouw Eindhoven – Design Incubator

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Trudo Monumenten / Founded by All

Program: Incubator (offices, meetingrooms)

Floor Area: 1500 m²

Design: April 2012

Completion: October 2013

Co-architect: Bureau Jochem Heijmans

Photocredit: BASE Photography


Klokgebouw – Muziekvleugel
Klokgebouw – Deerns
Klokgebouw – Budget Hotel

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