Design Studio

A villa

built for a former director of Philips in the green surroundings of Schuttersbosch.

For designer

Hugo de Ruiter the villa granted the perfect opportunity to combine residence and workspace, using the indoor garage as a studio space.

I don't want

to feel that I am working in the garage!, was the assignment.

The solution

was found in adding a volume to the existing garage.

On the inside

a south-facing glass strip makes sure that the centre of the studio receives plenty of daylight.

By utilizing perforated corrugated sheets as a monomaterial for the walls and the roof, a subtle extension of the roof tiles of the existing house has been established. A sandwich collar made of galvanized steel that also serves as the outer border of the terrace detaches the existing structure from the new one.


Project Name: Design Studio

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Hugo de Ruiter Design

Program: Atelier

Design: July 2006

Completion: April 2008

Photocredit: DPF studio – Venlo

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