Community School De Driestam

On a remarkable plot

alongside the ring road that runs around the centre of Eindhoven, the complex with primary school and day-care for children is situated. The noise of the traffic and a couple of monumental trees on the plot have been leading in the shape and position of the building.

Executed as a big screen

the façade that faces the road is placed on the noise-boundary. This makes the building function as a sound barrier with low-noise patios behind the screen. This provides the possibility of natural ventilation of interior spaces by simple opening of hatches.

The appearance facing the ring road

is used to communicate the name and theme of the school. The theme of the school is technique, which explains the choice of the print: Panamarenko’s vliegmobiel (flying object). The striking appearance provides an answer of a request of the users: an “ah-that’s-where-you-work!” building.

The Jenaplan educational system

places the child in the centre and makes the school function as reflection of the society in all its facets. The school is a meeting point for children, parents and teachers. Children work individually as well as in small groups in private or open spaces. Overview and transparency are the main concepts of the Jenaplan educational system and served as handles for the design.

The open nature

of the circulation space and the split-level provide overview and transparency by long sightlines. The broad halls between the classrooms in a cluster are being used as workspaces and are very visible from the adjacent classrooms through the use of glass fronts.


By using vides, glass fronts, visually open

staircases- and elevator constructions, the area in between two classrooms becomes a very open, light and grand space. This is visible when entering the building trough one of the two building entry’s that connect directly to this area.

The basic colour of the interior

as well as the exterior is grey. The classroom clusters and playrooms are designed in different colours so they become an identity inside the whole. All of the classroom clusters have the same format but are situated on different levels, the colours helps orientating inside the building.

The colour accents in the exterior

of the building have been applied on the panels and hatches in the façade frames which are painted in two different colours and placed in a particular pattern.


Project Name: Community School De Driestam

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Salto Schoolbestuur

Program: Jenaplan primary school, kindergarten, childcare

Design: 2004

Completion: 2009

Floor Area: 3060 m²

Photocredit: Arthur Bagen

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