De Drukkerij

In a central location between the old city center and the train station, the former printing plant of the Smeets family can be found. For years, this printing plant has been a landmark in the city of Weert. After many years of neglect, the former printing plant is transformed into a residential building with a commercial plinth.

The original

architecture as designed by the architect Pierre Weegels (1904-1966) will be reinstated and made visible again as a result of the reallocation. His oeuvre is characterized by an enormous amount of diversity, both in the types of buildings he has designed as well as the expressiveness of his buildings.

The former printing plant will be upheld by reallocating it and adding an extra residential floor. Existing characteristic elements will be upheld and restored if possible. New architectural additions will be made to match the architecture of the original building.

By creating a new indoor atrium, the building will be opened on all floors, creating a double orientation from the apartments. The central atrium provides room for the residents to meet each other and organize activities.


Project Name: De Drukkerij

Location: Weert – Holland

Client: Bos Group International Weert

Program: 22 Apartments & commercial space

Design: 2015

Completion: 2018

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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