Fontys ER

The former TNO research building

on the Technical University campus in Eindhoven has served as a research building for many years. 

This high-tech building with high-end materials

was very suitable for Fontys to re-accommodate three educational institutes: Engineering & Automotive, Applied Sciences and Business Management, Education & Technology. When combined, these institutes form Fontys ER.

The starting point

is a new main entrance along the green carpet, connecting the Fontys ER building to the educational buildings on the campus as an independent research institute on an urban planning level.

At the heart of this design

there is a dynamic atrium. By relocating the shared reception and the entrance to the first floor, a shared level between the institutes has been established. This level, encompassing all of T&I, provides an insight into the areas of expertise of the educational institutes and the corresponding research projects of the students.

By means of an inviting staircase

every institute will have an entrance in the heart of the building on its own floor. This creates an experience route in which visitors, students and teachers will have an overview of the practice rooms. By creating this dynamic in the atrium, a meeting room has been established.

The Automotive workshop

is made possible in the basement by sawing big holes in the ground floor and the roof above it. Now daylight can enter this part of the building and offers the former basement a lot of residential qualities.In this part of the building, it also serves as a defining feature, in which the students literally find themselves between technology.

Due to the confidential nature of TNO

the building could be characterized as a closed-off, anonymous building with long, dark hallways.

 This clashed

with the desire to have an open, inspiring and inviting educational building.

The lecture hall

is located on the fourth floor. These former roof structures are the inspiring backdrop for an environment with exclusive educational areas.

Due to its unique view

over the campus and the Eindhoven city center, the fourth floor has become a special location.

With the lecture hall as eye catcher on top

the building has a charisma of education towards the Prof. Dorgelolaan and the rest of its surroundings.


Project Name: Fontys ER

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Fontys Hogescholen

Program: Educational institutes: Engineering & Automotive, Applied Natural Sciences and Business Management, Education & Technology

Design: December 2016

Completion: August 2019

Floor Area: 29000 m², 

Engineer & Build team: Build2Learn, bouwcombinatie van Heerkens van Bavel, Berghege en EGM architecten

Interior design: Groen & Schild

Photocredit: EGM architectenBASE Photography

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