Health Center Luchen

The entrance to the hamlet

of Luchen in Mierlo, North Brabant is formed by a cluster of buildings located in front of the district; a community school and a health center. These buildings are situated on a yard and their designs refer to the sheds that used to be a part of this former agricultural area.

The health center

is located on the outer border of this yard, along a trunk road with noise exposure. In the new design, this side has been closed off by solid materials. The yard side literally opens itself through a visible structure, which looks like a skeleton that supports the large roof.


much like a farm building, is the basic design concept of this building. Due to the way it is positioned towards the sun, the roof overhang was not laid parallel to the façade, but gradient. This simple adjustment, along with the supporting structure, results in a very dynamic image.

The façade on the roadside

has simple detailing with large visible windows in the brickwork, a roof and a chimney. This detailing fits the speed in which people generally pass the building. The yard side is more subtle in design, with window frames that are hidden behind vertical wooden components and a ventilation system that goes through invisible hatches.


Project Name: Health Center Luchen

Location: Geldrop-Mierlo  Holland

Client: Houtabouw

Main User: Physiotherapy Jeurissen en van den Ingh

Program: Paramedic Center

Floor Area: 1000 m²

Design: 2013

Completion: 2015

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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