Het Nieuwe Warenhuis

The shortcut through the backside of the Hema to the main shopping street; who has not used it? This ingrained route in the urban fabric forms the starting point for a new part of the Eindhoven city center. A fordable place where the street and Het Nieuwe Warenhuis effortlessly merge and where the fact of a front- and backside fade.

As a nod to the past

the shop window is reintroduced in a contemporary way as two large seductive shop windows. An addition to the morphological layer of Eindhoven that is stimulating and attractive. Het Nieuwe Warenhuis offers room for curiosity, respects history and is the place to shop in a city center with international allure.


Project Name: Het Nieuwe Warenhuis

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: RJB Group

Program: Retail

Design: 2019

Completion: 2021

Visuals: architecten|en|en

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