A new auditorium

has been placed as a prosthesis in the open space between the corridors of the existing schoolbuilding.

In terms of materialization

it is implemented artificially, like a prosthesis, as an icon of the new Jorisschool.

The functional space

that the new auditorium provides allows a more organized entrance area, creating a spacious entrance, that simultaneously serves as a gallery.

The Jorisschool has been accommodated in a characteristic 1960s school building in Helmond. The school wants to distinguish itself in the field of arts, culture, science and technology. However, the existing building was severely outdated and could not facilitate the demands regarding contemporary education and mutual cooperation. All the ideas and wishes of the school have been compiled in a masterplan that sets the direction for the future. The theme is a multifunctional use of space and realisation of potential that is already present in the school.

As a result of these adjustments, the ensemble is functional once again; the building has a continuous routing, more mutual contact and a better balance in the use of the building’s functions. In addition, there has been a change of image, because the entrance, the patio and the auditorium have been made visible everywhere. Also, these spaces are now physically connected to each other by means of large, transparent roller doors. Entering the patio from the playground has never been easier.


Project Name: Jorisschool

Location: Helmond – Holland

Client: Qliq Primair Onderwijs

Program: Primary school

Design: March 2011

Completion: July 2012

Floor Area: 350 m²

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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