JTC Roosendaal

Small-scale education in a large-scale environment.

The Jan Tinbergen College

in Roosendaal is a shining example of small-scale education in a large-scale environment. From this notion arose the need for an addition to complement the existing premises and educational programme. Within this synergy, the new unit acts as an independent school building for the mavo department. Both buildings form a whole in terms of appearance, yet each has its individual characteristics.

Natural ensemble

Sports centre In de Roos is situated beside the existing JTC building. The addition of the new build creates a new ensemble that encloses a courtyard. The resulting sense of safety and protection makes this an excellent setting for the school.

Cool brother

To emanate a sense of unity with the existing JTC, characteristic features – such as the red masonry and the window pattern – are repeated, keeping the building congruent with the existing JTC. Within the architecture of the main building, the glass end wall is accentuated with diagonal lines. These diagonal lines are concentrated in the urban design hub of the new building, behind which the hall is situated.

On the inside

the extension has a traditional layout with two classroom wings.
Both wings meet at the central hall. To add to the diversity of
rooms at the JTC, the hall has been designed as a modern arena,
to which the locker area serves as a veritable entrance. Thanks
to its two-tiered layout and multiple uses, the hall creates
a real spectacle in JTC’s educational landscape.

Enter the Arena

The diamond-shaped curtain wall seamlessly blends the outdoor with the indoor, connecting the heart of the school building with a view of the greenery.  The diamond provides identity and symbolises the open communication between JTC and the outside world. As such, the new building is both recognisable as family,
yet an individual, cool brother in its own right.


Project Name: JTC Roosendaal

Location: Roosendaal – Holland

Client: Stichting Openbaar Voortgezet Onderwijs Roosendaal

Program: MAVO education

Design: 2017

Completion: 2020

Floor area: 2800m²

Interior architect: Puur Sang

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