Klein Stokland

Living in Breugel’s Dommeldal

Living in a green environment

on the edge of the Dommel valley; the centre of Son en Breugel just a stone’s throw away. Here you’ll find Klein Stokland: the first sustainable, gasless neighbourhood in the district.

We have designed the future

new build homes in such a way that they complement the 1970s properties in the immediate vicinity, with a contemporary interpretation acting as a link between the surrounding houses and the modern school.

The properties encompass

sleek, meticulously detailed, crisp-looking terraces, semis and detached houses.

So as to afford

each individual home its own identity, we made varied use of colour and layout, making each house unique.

The plan presents

as a cohesive whole, partly thanks to the interplay of roofs and turrets and the relationship between architecture, detailing and choice of materials.

A new part

of Breugel, ready and set for the future!


Project Name: Klein Stokland

Location: Son & Breugel – Holland

Client: van Stiphout Projectontwikkeling

Program: houses

Design: 2016

Completion: 2020

Photocredit: Studio Teun

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