Maaskant Building

This municipal monument

is located on the axis between the city centre of Tilburg and the university campus of the city. It is the first building in the Netherlands that has been specifically designed as a drawing academy by Huig Aart Maaskant.

Huig Aart Maaskant

is a Dutch architect who designed serveral well-known projects in the Netherlands, such as the Groothandelsgebouw and the Euromast in Rotterdam.

Around the central atrium

the high studios and lower rooms have been connected to each other as split-level rooms, while traffic and accommodation flow into each other by means of wide presentation balconies and open staircases.

The monumental former entrance area

situated on the south side, accommodates the supportive functions of the building underneath a protruding stepped gable.

On the north side

behind the characteristic steel waterfall façade, 3 tall stories with studios can be found. By means of smart placement of rotating windows in the protruding part of the facade, these windows could remain open even during periods of rain.

Béton brut

the monumental structure consists of façade cladding made of prefabricated concrete, steel panels and aluminium window frames will remain intact in the new building.

The new programme

a university level education, and the contemporary user requirements have been implemented in two different ways; Maaskant-specific and Maaskant-foreign.

Maaskant specific solutions

can be found at the sites where an update to contemporary ease of use has been made without ostentatiously showing these operations. The tracks along the emergency façade that serve as a buffer zone to the rear (class)rooms and therefore facilitate upholding the original stepped steel glass facade are examples of this approach.


are atypical solutions that provide plenty of room for additions to the programme. Coloured wooden oval shapes have been placed in, around and underneath the building to serve as furniture. This visibly integrates the new function into the existing grey structure in a natural and unambiguous manner.


Project Name: Maaskant Building

Location: Tilburg – Holland

Client: Fontys Hogescholen Eindhoven

Interior Architect: Buro Staal/Christensen

Program: University College

Design: 2004

Completion: 2007

Photocredit: Arthur Bagen

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