MFA Knegsel

The building complex

is located in the village center of Knegsel. The design is a part of the row that also consists of the cemetery, the church and the vicarage, along the linear settlement.

An ensemble

of construction volumes has been established on the site of the existing school building, on which the existing sports hall can also be found. The materialization of the MFA suits the traditional buildings in the village.

The interior

is constructed in an efficient, robust manner: clean brickwork with concrete bricks, perforated steel roof panels in the school and concrete precast units in the large hall.

This robust appearance

is alternated with fancy specials; a wooden stage and dance floor, acoustic strips in the hall and curtains around the stage.

On the urban scale, we have given a lot of attention to carefully implementing the new design into the village center. The entrance along the parking area presents itself as a closed brick wall, in front of which a row of espaliered lime trees can be found. From here, the entrance is the only gate that provides entry to the interior. Students, athletes, fanfare and all the other villagers: everybody enters through this central entrance. While there, you can make use of the ATM or drop off your children by bicycle or by car.


Project Name: MFA Knegsel

Location: Knegsel – Holland

Client: Gemeente Eersel

Program: Primary school, sports facility, communal space, theater hall

Design: 2010

Completion: 2014

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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