MFA 't Karregat

Designed by

architect Frank van Klingeren in the seventies, it is one of the first multifunctional centers in the Netherlands.

Under one

large roof, which is carried by steel umbrella heads, he built a space without partitions for a supermarket, small shops, elementary schools, a gymnasium and a community center.

International attention

was attracted by the building in the district of Herzenbroeken in Eindhoven, but the highly experimental set-up did not work out.

The users

quickly put up their own partitions until the space under the roof had clogged completely.

In 2010

we won the European tender together with Diederendirrix, for transformation of this mutilated building.

The basic design, the roof with the remarkable umbrella constructions, has been restored and preserved.

We wrapped

the umbrellas in transparent panels, allowing daylight to enter the room and solving climatological issues and dust nuisances.

A flexible inner walling system consisting of closed and transparent parts gives the building a more open character.

A new patio

has been established by opening up a part of the roof, which provides the surrounding rooms with an abundance of daylight.

This way, the building got a new layout with distinct entrances in a transparent façade. The design is fresh and functional without neglecting the original ideas.

When ‘t Karregat

reopened in late 2015, the building had – again – not been finished. The commercial functions had not been renovated.

The way we have executed the renovation of the school, the childcare facilities and the community center demonstrates how a thorough plan can make the building futureproof again.

Students, parents, teachers and the school board have expressed their satisfaction with the renovation.

Our plan

can easily be applied to the parts of the building that have not yet been renovated.


Project Name: MFA ‘t Karregat

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Gemeente Eindhoven

Program: Primary school, kindergarten, childcare, library, sports facility, commercial functions

Design: 2010

Completion: 2015

Floor Area: 7300 m²

Co-architectn: Diederendirrix Architecten

Color-historical research: Suzanne Fischer

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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