MFA Zuid

Near the old village

center of Veldhoven, this MFA is located. It consists of a number of distinguishable smaller volumes, in which the program components are identifiable. In terms of mass and material use, these volumes seek a connection with the architecture and the scale of their rural surroundings. Combined, they form one single composition, in which one can recognize fragments of the traditional old school building and the small, traditional factories that were once located along the Dorpsstraat.

Something special on each level;

in the classrooms, the playgrounds and in terms of urban planning. Every part of the building and every user will receive something unique; rooms for people of different ages demand different identities. This also applies to the junior level, the middle grades and the senior levels.


The principle is that babies, toddlers and preschoolers

experience a room differently than young children and kids that are approaching puberty. Current themes, such as a continuous educational line for children of ages 0 to 13, far-reaching integration of daycare and education and interaction with parents and surroundings have been crucial factors in the construction of the MFA Zuid.

The assignment was to realize a highly durable,

healthy and maintenance-friendly building. The high-quality sustainability performance of this project is expressed in an 8 or more out of 10 GPR score for every single component.


Furthermore, the building meets

the highest ‘Fresh Air in Schools’ demands, commonly referred to as Class A. This was realized by adding measures such as PV modules on the saw-tooth roofs, green roofs that retain rainwater, collecting rainwater for flushing toilets, heat recovery from the air that exits the building and adding facilities for bats to the bell tower.


Project Name: MFA Zuid

Location: Veldhoven – Holland

Client: Gemeente Veldhoven / BAM Utiliteitsbouw (Design & Build)

Program: Primary school, daycare, childcare, sports facility, communal space

Floor Area: 4480 m²

Design: April 2012

Completion: June 2014

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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