Klokgebouw - Muziekvleugel

The clock tower

will accommodate the ROC artist conservatory, an urban dance school and several music offices.

PopEi can be found

in the room next to the clock tower. As well as a number of rehearsal rooms that the ROC Rock Academy uses.

Upon repurposing Het Klokgebouw, the west wing has been appointed the ‘Muziekvleugel’ (‘music wing’).


PopEi is an organization that rents rehearsal rooms, storage space and studios to various musicians. The location is ideal for this function, because there are no residences in the area, which eliminates the risk of inconveniences caused by nightly activities, such as loading/unloading and loud visitors. In turn, the presence of noise sources, such as the railways and the inner ring road, is not bothersome for PopEi.


The rehearsal rooms and studios have been built according to a box-within-a-box construction. As a result, sound transmission will be limited to a reasonable minimum. In this case, the outer box is the original factory and the original utilitarian character of this building has been selected as the defining theme of the building. For acoustic reasons, the inner boxes must remain freestanding, which in this case has the additional advantage that the monument will remain largely unaffected. The spaces between the inner and outer boxes are being used as a circulation corridor and has a half-climate, which means that the monumental façade, which features glass in steel frames exclusively, could be upheld.


Project Name: Klokgebouw Eindhoven – Muziekvleugel

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: De Huismeesters Groningen

Program: 97 houses in 4 perimeter blocks

Design: 2004

Completion: 2012 – 2013

Best Multi-family residential building of METALOCUS 2013
Nomination Groninger gebouwen enquete 2013

Photocredit: Arthur Bagen


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Klokgebouw – Budget Hotel
Klokgebouw – Design Incubator

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