NuWAT is a unique floating home

that offers space to a rapidly expanding group of new residents that have made the choice for liberated housing. The target audience consists of people who value compact and durable living comfort that is unique, flexible and affordable. With a mortgage that is as limited as their footprint, they create space in their lives.

The building concept

of the NuWAT allows for compact and durable water districts. It is a smart and simple building concept that combines natural materials with quality insulation and floating homes with limited housing prices, resulting in an appealing housing form.

By applying prefabricated straw panels

and an installation unit, the sophisticated hull can be made ready for use in no more than a few days. Due to the quality insulation and the moisture regulation of the straw panels, a simple installation will suffice and an affordable zero-energy house with a healthy living environment and a small footprint will be realized.

In order to increase the sensation

of being close to the water, the living room and the patio are situated at water level. Through the side entrance, you will enter a hallway with a cupboard. On your left side, you will find the living room, while the bedroom is on the right side. The living room is connected to the patio by means of folding doors, which allow indoor and outdoor to merge into each other. A couple of steps below that, a kitchen with a dining table can be found. Above the kitchen, there is a bedroom with a large skylight.


In 2016, four parties and the Eindhoven Metropolitan Region found each other in the principle that floating homes will offer a future for changing housing needs and therefore are a missing link within housing plans.  More information: 

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