Urban living at the edge of the canal.

The Oranjekade plan

will be an impulse for the area around the AHXL site and the water tower in the center of Helmond.

This area,

which is currently characterized by a parking function and boarded-up industrial buildings, deserves a different appearance.

The basic principles

of the Oranjekade plan are realizing 265 mid- to high-end owner-occupied and rental properties,

An upgrade of the AHXL building

and the construction of a park which will reconnect the small river of De Gulden Aa with the area surrounding the water tower.

A spatial and functional

interaction between residence, shopping, work and recreation.

The design

of the buildings on the Oranjekade will be based on a rich architecture inspired by traditional warehouses

Visually, it will be

in line with the monumental façade of the old Edah building along the canal, which is also a part of the plan.

The residential units

of the Oranjekade are of various heights and will give access to several courtyards from the quay by means of staircases.


Project Name: Oranjekade

Location: Helmond – Holland

Client: Rezidenz / BanBouw

Program: 265 dwellings / upgrade supermarket AHXL

Design: 2016 – 2021

Completion: 2022-2023

Co-architect: Christoph Kohl Stadtplaner Architekten 

Urban Plan: Hoesbergen Advies

Landscape architect: Burobol

Image-credit: Architectuurproducties

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