De Oude Toren

Since time immemorial

the Oude Toren (“Old Tower”) is a solitary building among convex fields. Originally, the tower was located against the church in the heart of Oostelbeers, but that village has been relocated long ago. The church has collapsed and what remained has been torn down.

The current rudimentary shape

of the tower will be upheld as much as possible. All the suggested adjustments are therefore a confirmation of the archaic image. The suggestion is that the tower could accommodate a modest, yet high quality exhibition.

In front of the tower

there is a grassy plain on which the archers’ guild has planted several shooting posts. This empty space is the ideal place for a small, multifunctional building. Within its surroundings, the building looks like a green hill. A hill from which a wall fragment protrudes. “When we found out that the name of the nearby Hillestraat is likely a toponym – ‘hille’ means ‘hill’ – we have decided to call the multifunctional building ‘De Hille’, after its shape”.

'De Hille' consists of a large living room

that is equipped with a large glass façade over the entire width of the room. This façade can be opened entirely and has a view over the archers’ field. The gatherings that will take place in this building will be announced through flags and banners, just like in the olden days. These will inform everyone in the area about activity when it occurs and will disappear when there are no activities in or around the building.

'De Hille' can also be used

as a passive unmanned resting area that provides shelter and a scenic view over the convex fields. When the door curtain closes, a refuge appears; a small seat that has been incorporated into the brickwork of the wall in a mediaeval manner.


Project Name: De Oude Toren

Location: Oostelbeers – Holland

Client: Gemeente Oirschot

Program: Exhibition space, multifunctional space

Design: 2014

Poem: Martinus Nijhoff

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