The municipal theater

realized in 1963, has been renovated entirely, installationally as well as architecturally. On the park side, next to the existing building, a new hall has been added.

This hall

a tall concrete tower, has a large window with a view of the park, creating a light and view relationship between the park and the stage: Parktheater Eindhoven.

The concept

of the assignment was to retain the original qualities of the existing theater and to enhance them by adding a – more experimental – new room on the park side; the combination of the existing ‘Plush’ and the new ‘Park’.

The main hall

has been stripped in a manner that could hardly be noticed, equipped with new installations and rebuilt again. Large operations, such as the application two new lighting rigs and the addition of an air handling system, have been executed in an exceptionally meticulous manner, which contributes to the fact that the existing character of the venue has been kept intact.

The new hall

is best described as a stage tower that also holds an audience.

By equipping

the entire room with collar beams for stage technique, creating a movable orchestra pit and making the grandstand retractable, a multifunctional hall has been established.

This hall

is suitable for classical theater, flat-floor performances and everything in between.

The theater window

in the new hall allows daylight to enter the room and provides a view over the park. Aside from the opportunities this construction offers regarding performances, another benefit is that anyone working on the preparations for the performance of the evening now has the chance to do so in the daylight.


Project Name: Parktheater

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Stadsschouwburg Eindhoven

Program: Theater

Design: 1999

Completion: 2007

Floor Area Renovation: 17000 m²

Floor Area Expansion: 5100 m²

Visual Artists: Herman Kuijer / Xander Sproncken

Photocredit: Arthur Bagen & Ger van der Vlugt

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