ROC ICT & Media

The design is built upon the principle of a redistribution of the courses over the 3 floors of the building. This way, domains that keep the students and the tutors close to each other have been established, allowing them to meet frequently. When arranging and furnishing the rooms, an appearance that suits the future professional environment of the students has been realized.

The ground floor

has a more office-like appearance, with the front and back offices for ICT located there.

On the first floor

where the Media Design education is located, the corridor has been converted into a meeting and conference room.

The classrooms have been designed as creative studios with a no-nonsense finish.

On the second floor

the central server functions as the heart of the school. Around this server, large fields have been placed, in which students can work together in groups.


will be given in small cockpits with a college configuration.

“At the School for ICT and Media Technology, education might be a little different than you are used to. We think it is vital that you already gain practical experience during your time at school. That is why you will work on interesting projects, that have been assigned by corporate clients.”
*website School for ICT and Media Technology

The education for ICT & Media Design is renowned for its high quality education, which caused many years of steady growth. Changing educational regulations with an altered distribution of theory, practice and internship eventually became the decisive factor in developing a new plan. Since the existing building was due for a thorough renovation, the opportunity was seized to make the most of the possibilities in one go.


Project Name: ROC ICT & Media

Location: Tilburg – Holland

Client: Onderwijs Groep Tilburg

Program: MBO Education

Design: 2015

Completion: 2016

Floor area: 1750 m²

Photocredit: Peter van de Kerkhof

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