Bungalow Steensel

We have completed the construction of a bungalow on a large, wooded plot in Steensel, Brabant. The unusual thing about this property, is that two of the three spaces are made of straw panel façades. This natural building material boasts high insulation values and feels warm like a blanket in the winter and cool in the summer.

The two outermost spaces house the residents’ bedroom on one side, and the guest room and study on the other. A door – invisible from outside – links the bedroom with the open and sheltered terrace.

The daughter of a vegetable farmer, the client opted for a cold store instead of a fridge in the kitchen. The cold store naturally occupies a prominent place in the room, yet remains reserved in the light space thanks to the choice of material and colour.

The middle section of the property is constructed from glass and aluminium, affording it an open character. This transparent space forms a connection between the two other spaces, as well as a connection with the outside; the inclusion of skylights facilitates views of the outdoors from all angles.


Project Name: Bungalow Steensel

Location: Steensel – Holland

Client: Private Client

Program: Single family house

Design: 2016

Completion: 2018

Photocredit: BASE Photography


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