We want to contribute

to a more beautiful world… directly in our neighborhood, town and country, but also further away.

By an enthusiastic practice

of our profession and telling inspiring stories about it to young people. But also by contributing to ‘National street playday’, ‘Foundation Djenné‘ and ‘De bushalte van Rietveld‘.

Foundation Djenné

wants to make it possible to teach at least 300 children in Djenné, Mali. At present, only 10% of all children can attend school. This literally means that a place and resources are needed for children to be able to visit school, so that they can learn a trade for a better future. The common vision is not only to provide the children (orphan, half-orphan or no orphan) with education, but also with the most basic things like eating, drinking, a clean bed and loving care.

Campus Djenné

offers that missing place with a school, living pavilions, kitchen, workshops, library and doctor’s post. In 2016, the first part of the school was completed and started with about 35 children aged 5 to 8 years. The following parts of the campus will be realized in phases as soon as sufficient money has been brought together again: it’s possible to support foundation Djenné in various ways. The design for the Campus was made by architecten|en|en.

'De bushalte van Rietveld'

was founded in 1999 by architects Arie van Rangelrooij, Bert Staal and Hans Thomassen. The aim was to maintain and give a proper function to a former bus-stop annex advertising column designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1962, situated on a prominent location near the Town Hall Square of Eindhoven. Over the last 15 years, artists from various art disciplines have been asked to relate to this abri;  people from Eindhoven who are worthwhile and powerful enough to defy this Rietveld.

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