The origins of architecten|en|en

lie in the early sixtees of Eindhoven. Hans Thomassen together with Jan Luiten, Jacques Vaessen and Ben Reintjes set up Werkgroep 4. In its heyday, the office expands with 70 employees into one of the largest in the Netherlands and projects such as Seepaerdstad, Medical Center West, Eindhoven Music School and the Achtse Barrier are being built.

During the crisis of the early eighties

workgroup 4 fell apart by disagreement and Hans Thomassen continued with the running housing projects and schools with an own office of 6 people. In 1988, Arie van Rangelrooy joined him as an architect, after working several years with Guido Swart on highlights such as the Biennale for young architects, the Venice Biennale, and the Prix de Rome. For Hans Thomassen Arie was the intended successor.

With the introduction

of Harald Krijger as new partner by Arie, Thomassen Architecten was founded in 1990. Highlight from this period is the office of housing corporation SWS, that Arie designed in collaboration with Jacques Vaessen and for which the architecture prize Eindhoven was won for the first time. Other highlights are the Pink coffee shop, Blixembosch patio bungalows, the Fuutlaan doctor’s office, and Eindhoven City Hall – all nominated for the architectural award.

After a few collaborations

Thomassen Vaessen was founded by the owners Arie van Rangelrooy, Harald Krijger and Theo Timmers (who was co-owner of Jacques Vaessen) in 1996.  Jacques Vaessen started working as an employee and Hans Thomassen retires. With the Noise-resistant building on the Jeroen Boschlaan, the architecture prize Eindhoven is won again in 1997.

In 2001 architecten|en|en

arises and Jacques Vaessen retires. From the period that follows, the projects Twinning Center and Hogeschool de Kempel are both nominated for the Architecture Prize and University College Maastricht, the Park Theater and the Tilburg Maaskantgebouw are other important projects.

2009 starts with a fresh

team structure with new goals. Shifts in the market, the departure of Theo Timmers and Harald Krijger and the desire for a new generation en|en have led to this new set-up. In order to be able to continue successful assignments from the past in the future, opted is for a new strategy that focuses on growth and rejuvenation.

The young office architects, founded by Frans Benjamins and Joost Verbeek in 2001 (DutchHouse / NAI inprogress / jongerencentrum Orion / rietwoningen Luchen), is included in architecten|en|en with which young design power is added to successful experience in a joint step towards growth.

To guide these movements

into the right direction, in addition to Arie van Rangelrooij, 3 new shareholders are introduced that year; Robbert Urlings, Pim van der Linden and Frans Benjamins who have all been already associated with the office for many years. Together with Joost Verbeek from and the old, trusted en|en team, they give shape to the new architecten|en|en.

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