The glass house

With a view over the Stadswandelpark

the villa is located on one of the most beautiful locations in Eindhoven and is very close to the city center.

Half is literally made out of glass

because in the design of this fully restored villa, we wanted to retain the optimal view over the park.

The other half

has been constructed from traditional bricks. The living room is situated on top of the garage, a meter and a half above surface level. This allows for a gorgeous view over the park.

For the interior

we have chosen an industrial finish by using unfinished concretes and visible steel columns.

All the rooms

are placed around a large open space, which creates a spacious effect.

In the open space

the open fireplace serves as the central column within the house. Along this column, one can find a beautiful show staircase that connects the living room with the rooftop terrace.

The villa district “Den Elzent” is located near the city center of Eindhoven. In this district, a new concrete villa has been designed. This villa has been designed within the framework of the Hilversum-based architect Hanrath’s plans for aesthetic quality. This plan has been established in 1920 and is based around traditional archetypical housing shapes with a pitched roof. Our challenge was to create an innovative design for a modern client with contemporary demands within this framework. The result is a remarkable combination of traditional and contemporary elements.


Project Name: The glass house

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Private client

Program: House with practice room

Design: March 2014

Completion: July 2016

Interior architect: Guy de Vos Design

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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