A successful cooperation

based on the enormous amount of experience we have gained in complex, political processes with multiple users and interests, that is what we stand for. In order to reach this goal, a clear, conceptual working method and a good sense of the relationships between the parties involved is indispensable.

After the first analyses

we will determine the compass course together and after that, we will stick to it, allowing us to take detours and overcome obstacles without getting lost.

The client will be involved

in our research, so we can reach schematic plans and spatial models. Multiple alternatives will be presented in order to stimulate the deliberation process. Since the degree of influence on the final results is largest in the early phases of the design process, we value the fact that the dialogue is most intensive in this part of the process.

The key

to a successful cooperation is offering the right information. Everyone involved should receive the information he or she needs, preventing the idea that anyone has a lack of knowledge. This part of the process in particular demands feeling and experience.

We have managed to create

a solid working relationship with a great group of returning clients. We see the role of the architect as the confidant of the client and the user. The architect will always perform this part, whilst simultaneously stimulating the user and the client to realize an exciting and innovative project.

New organizational forms

in construction are something that interests us. We are a highly flexible organization, allowing us to have a traditional architect’s role, to be a part of a construction team, of a Design & Build team or even as a venture partner. For each form, we will select the most suitable role, so that maximum results will be reached for any given project.


For the areas of expertise

that we do not have in-house, we work with regular partners from our own network as often as possible. This results in good communication and a minimal loss of information. With these partners, we can also realize total engineering projects, in which we will be responsible for all of the coordination and the risk. This way, one contact for all of the advisory services will suffice for our clients.

We like to develop our designs

from initiative to execution. Our projects will be modelled and engineered as BIM models. The BIM method is something we like to deploy, preferably as early as possible in the design phase, as it helps to create efficiency and clarity between fields of expertise. In addition, it provides a quick insight into the processed knowledge inputs, the key figures and the programmatical overview.

To realize a short lead time

we have constituted an in-house project team that focuses on planning. By implementing a clear desk policy, we can easily have several people working on the same project simultaneously. This allows us to scale up the project team if necessary. The stable factor in this project team is the project architect. This architect will remain on the project for the entire term.

A proper internal organization

is essential for a fast process. However, the architect firm is just one small part of a larger project organization. This situation requires all the parties in the project organization to communicate clearly and honestly with each other. Architecten|en|en is a team player. We have successfully done so in different organizational forms. We have a keen eye for the interests of other team members. We will always try to adapt our own interests to that.

For over 50 years

architecten|en|en has been active in Eindhoven in different compositions. This continuity is reached by adapting to the market, by being innovative and by concentrating us on those activities we excel at.

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