Transformation Europalaan

Housing corporation Woonbedrijf

has moved from four different locations to a new office in the city center of Eindhoven, early 2016. It was not an option to leave the old office buildings empty behind… a residential function was obvious.

Forty-eight affordable apartments

for flex-living are realized in the former office-building Europalaan.

A building known for its own face;

not interchangeable like many ‘extraordinary normal’, ‘bourgeois chic’ and mostly boring office buildings built in the early nineties. At first glance maybe not easy to be parceled out in apartments, yet Woonbedrijf did take up the ‘transformation glove’.

The heart of the office building

was formed by a single-layer atrium with large storey-high arc-shaped daylight sheds and a public function. The office wings lay around this atrium.

The large indoor space

is transformed by making ‘indoor’ living possible in the sheds. This way additional houses could be added to the program and the transformation became an economically achievable task.

The Natural Step

is the sustainability principle based on which all homes are realized: all-electric, PV-system on the roof, re-use of materials and eco-kitchens made by remnants of corn and tomato plants.

In the former visitor area

a tile floor was placed as a work of art, designed by Peter Struycken. This floor is integrated into the new plans and formed the basis for the new color palette that Struycken is once again involved in.

Struycken together with |en|en

further elaborated the color-use for walls, floors and ceilings… resulting in very special new interior spaces. First working on art, now living in art.


Project Name: Transformation Europalaan

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Woonbedrijf – social housing corporation

Program: 48 housing units

Design: 2015

Completion: 2017

Photocredit: BASE Photography

Photocredit: Norbert van Onna

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