University College

At Zwingelput 4

in Maastricht, the internationally oriented bachelor’s programme of University College Maastricht can be found.

A former monastery

and national monument has been renovated in order to accommodate this programme.

The common room

has replaced the former lecture room.

A glass roof

above this room, establishes a kind of roofed patio.

In the new

infrastructure and routing, this common room is the central area.

The lecture room

is relocated to the chapel and has been placed in the open space as a piece of wooden furniture in order to uphold the spaciousness of the church.

This room faces the rood screen rather than the altar.

The choir

from the fifteenth century has been designed as a quiet zone for college.

The ravine between the ramparts and the historical buildings has been designed as an outdoor area covered by a glass roof.

This area is characterized by a half-climate. On the first floor, a footbridge has been built against the narrow buildings in order to allow the routing to pass through this ravine.

Zwingelput 4, also known as the Nieuwenhof, is a facility of which the oldest parts have been built in the fifteenth century and to which parts have been added in the following centuries. The facility has been built against the interior of the Maastricht ramparts. The purpose of this assignment was to combine a contemporary programme with a historical shell.

Upon integrating the design brief and the implementation of technology, we have tried to match everything with the existing building as much as possible. For each function, we have looked for the most suitable room inside of the monument, allowing limiting impairments to a minimum and to utilize the existing rooms as objets-trouvés.




Project Name: University College

Location: Maastricht – Holland

Client: University of Maastricht

Program: University College

Design: September 2003

Completion: 2006

Floor Area: 4350 m²

Visual artist: Piet Dirkx

Nomination Victor de Steursprijs

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