It is a

unique monument in Eindhoven with a remarkable history.


a cigar factory, the building has been repurposed to a residential building in the 1920s and 1930s by the famous Amsterdam School architect J.M. van der Mey.

The result

was a building with qualities that were considered rather atypical for Eindhoven at the time, such as maisonettes with a size that was unprecedented.

The principle

of the restauration plan was recovering the original elements, colors and workmanship, which were documented after searching for old drawings, photos and paint samples at the location.

The biggest

surprise was the discovery of the original use of color – lavender – that was actually found on the old parts.

The Ventoseflat has been observed by architecten|en|en as early as 1996, when we have conducted historical research, which lead to the Ventoseflat being recognized as a municipal monument. A crucial factor was the fact that this was the only building that Van der Mey had designed in the south of the Netherlands and the fact that this was the only one of his designs with a boiler tower that was still intact.

In 2009, work began on an extensive restauration plan. Restoring the building – and the exterior façade in particular – was a complicated task. Through the years, the building has been renovated various times, sacrificing the original windows with glass frames and all the ironwork. In addition, all the masonry has been painted over. These renovations, along with overdue maintenance, have resulted in a “renovation-look” that caused many people to not notice the monumental status of the building.

Aside from recovering the original elements, a careful update to contemporary residential guidelines also took pace. Regarding energy consumption and comfort, the inside of the building has been insulated and provided with a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery. At the rear, the balconies of the maisonettes have been widened, which creates a usable outdoor space.

By designing these alterations in a typically “Ventose” fashion with a lot of historical knowledge, they seamlessly fit the existing ensemble and make this building a “living monument” once again.



Project Name: Ventoseflat

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client: Gemeente Eindhoven

Program: Commercial space, apartments

Floor Area: 5760 m² (restauration)

Design: 2009

Completion: 2012 – 2013

Color-historical research: Suzanne Fischer

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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