The power that is generated

on the roof will be equal to the power used. Whatever you use, you will produce yourself.

Durability starts

with proper insulation, which in this case is made of a very special product; prefabricated straw panels made by StroTec. These panels are constructive, have a remarkably high insulation value and are vapour permeable, creating a pleasant indoor climate.

the Strijp-R area

which used to be owned by Philips and borders on country estate De Wielewaal, is where the houses are situated. The area is very green, is characterized by the fact that it offers excellent hiking opportunities, yet it is still in the vicinity of the Eindhoven city center.

Another characteristic feature

of this area is that the houses have been grouped in clusters and have a contemporary identity.

The structure of these houses

is spatially interesting, because it has a split-level plan with rooms of various heights. The living rooms of the houses are at least 30m2 and almost 4.20m in height, which is quite a unique height for a residential house.


Project Name: 5 zero-energy houses Strijp-R

Location: Eindhoven – Holland

Client Kavel 10 t/m 13: BreedBeeldCollectief (CPO)

Client Kavel 14: Private family

Program: 5 private houses

Design: 2013

Completion: 2016

Photocredit: BASE Photography

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